IMG 0664 IMG 0665 IMG 0667 IMG 0668
IMG 0669 IMG 0670 IMG 0671 IMG 0672
IMG 0673 IMG 0674 IMG 0675 IMG 0676
IMG 0677 IMG 0678 IMG 0687 IMG 0688
IMG 0689 IMG 0690 IMG 0691 IMG 0692
IMG 0693 IMG 0695 IMG 0696 IMG 0697
IMG 0698 IMG 0700  Rebuilt both carbs, set the float level and acceleerator drums drums2
IMG 0748 IMG 0749 IMG 0750 IMG 0752
IMG 0753  Working on a new outer washer to draw up on the drum and not touch the splines IMG 0756 IMG 0755 IMG 0754
IMG 0761 IMG 0762 IMG 0763 IMG 0778  Starting to work on lowering the front end with Avis kit
IMG 0790  Setting the rige hight, rear is at about 7 degrees, used 2X4 to hold down the front bfg-bias-photoi-03 1a  500X15 Tire for spare, needed thin tire bfg-bias-photoi-03 1LInk  Spare tire 500X15 Link bfg-biasply-photoc 1a  590X15 Blackwall for Tires
bfg-biasply-photoc 1  590X15 Tire Link 000 0025[1]  I was missing the front engine tin and just ordered one today. photo (3)  The standard grub screw is on the right and I made two out of 50mm bolts Avis2  Bolt is just long enough
IMG 0842  I saw a suggestion to drill a 3/8 hole at each end of the indent.  Stock tube seem to be not quite 5/32 thick.  I drilled a pilot hole first IMG 0844  First pass with the grinder IMG 0845  Ground the slot for the grub screw, cut the indent up to the top of the original screw opening IMG 0846  You can see once I cut it the inner lock moved already.
IMG 0847  On to the other tube IMG 0850  Look at the piece cut out, IMG 0852  Reinstalled beam showing two pieces cut out for grub screw. IMG 0854  Against the bottom stop cleanance of front is about 5 3/4 inch
IMG 0855  Just resting on bottom stops IMG 0856 IMG 0857  Test fit where to locat the Avis adjuster.  I marked the full range, about an inch or 55 degrees, and the center.  My goal was to alight the adjust plate to cove up the opening IMG 0858
IMG 0859  This setting just got the center stop clear and clearance on bottom of frame head flange is about 7 inches IMG 0860  Made some cover plates for the back. IMG 0861  First right height is too low, you can not see air about the tire when looking in the opening. IMG 0866  Current positon, maybe one notch lower once I readjust the back.
IMG 0867 IMG 0862 IMG 0863  Pulled body and readusted up about 4 notches from center.  Back now needs to be lowered a little. IMG 0864
IMG 0865 IMG 0868  Looks even around the wheel AvisAdjusterWeld2 IMG 0968
IMG 0967 58pan1 58pan2 SeatMockUp
IMG 0954 IMG 0955  5.00X15 IMG 0956  Used as the spare, still a tight fit. IMG 0957  Bridgestone 5.90X15 tires on 5/56 356 Rims
IMG 0958 IMG 0959  Need to get some bullet hub caps IMG 0962 IMG 0964
IMG 0965 IMG 0966 IMG 0971 IMG 0976  I have about 3/4 inch before the spring plate hits the cast tower.  This translates to almost 2 inches of shock travel from center to full up.
IMG 0970  From the rear I took the bump stop and cut off 5/8 of and inch to creat about 1 inch gap and 3/4 to 1 inch of crush before it bottoms out on the frame.  The bump stop is not in the center of the frame tower pocket, not sure why. IMG 0994  Seat frame supports from Summit Racing.  They can be mounted as C or Z brackets.  I chose the Z and will weld them to the flat sides whrer the old rails were. IMG 0995 IMG 0998
SeatTracks2 SeatTracks 912BoschReg2 912BoschReg1
AlkenTank WeldInTransMount WeldInTransMount1 PanSupport2
PanSupport1 TunnelMat pan1 pan3
TieRod Offset1 Offset2 TorsionAngle
TorsionAngle3 Pitman Pedal2 Pedal1
Starter TransTop1 Trans2 TransAdapter
TransCustomMount GhiaPitman BeetleColumn2 Pan2
Pan4 Pan5 58Pan4 58Pan3a
58Pan1a IMG 1483 IMG 1481 IMG 1482
IMG 1486 IMG 1485 IMG 1490 IMG 1489
photo Tank6 PanParts Bolts
FrontDrumInside FrontDrumBack RearPlate IMG 2851
IMG 9096 IMG 1605 Pan1a Pan2a
Pan3a ChassisLines IMG 2159 IMG 2155
IMG 2156 IMG 2158 IMG 2157 IMG 1402  Dark K2 is the early ghia
IMG 1403 IMG 1404 IMG 1405 IMG 1406
IMG 1407 DashGauges1 DashGauges2 DashGauges5
DashGauges3 DashGauges4 Wiper1 Wiper2
Wiper3 Wiper4 AlkenDashOriginal 48ChevyTail
FL57a FL57B TurnSignalWiring ParkingLights
RearLights RearHarness RearOn2 RearOn4
RearOn3 Wiper6 Wiper5 Headlight1
BehindWiper Horn Bulbs Dash5
Dash3 Dash7 Dash1 Dash2
Dash4 Dash6 Dash8 UnderDash
Gauges1b 2014Pana 2014Panb 2014Panc
2014Pand 2014Pane 2014Panf 644Trans1
644Trans2 Clutch356D AdapterSetup VWBowden
VWSplitCaseBowdenMount 356Bowden4 356Bowden3 356Bowden2
356Bowden Pressplate7 photo 4 Pressureplate9
Presssureplate6 Pressplate10 Pressplate8 Pressureplate2
ClutchLeverCompare Lever1 Lever2 Lever3
Lever4 NewLever LeverIn1 LeverIn6
LeverIn2 LeverIn3 LeverIn4 Cable2
Cable3 Cable4 Cable5 Cable8
Cable9 Clutch1 Clutch3 Clutch2
Clutch5 Clutch4 Final7 Final8
Final6 Final9 Final10 Final2
Final4 Final1 Final5 Drive1
Drive2 Drive3 Throttle3 Throttle4
Drive4 Throttle1 Throttle2 Throttle5
Tar2 Tar5 Tar4 Tar3
RoadTest RoadTest2 RideHeight1 RideHeight2
Sway Sway2 EngineTin IMG 0190
IMG 0256 OilFilter