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Day 16 – Sunday March 1st

Posted in Sonett III by Administrator on the March 2nd, 2009

Went up to the Napa in Twinsburg. Seems they don’t do machine work, must have only been the shop over in Streetsboro. The also gave me the name of a brake shop for me to check out on the way home on Monday.

We tried to match up some SKF bearings too but they weren’t able help. Seems like I’ll have to stop in at Bearings, inc. to see if they can match up the rear wheel bearings.

Couldn’t stay away from the auto show. Had to go and visit again today.

There was some discussion on the battery hold down. I did find a tab for one rod to bolt onto but not sure about the other side. I will have to post this on the Sonett site. I also wonder it this rear compartment was painted gray.

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