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Day 17 – Monday March 2

Posted in Sonett III by Administrator on the March 3rd, 2009

What a bit**. When Karen walked by the Sonett I made this off comment that the master cylinder, way down in there, seemed to be working OK. She said, “What’s it for”. I said for the brakes. She said change it. Oh well, 2 hrs later I wrestled it out of there. Not bad with everything else I removed, it was more accessable (I almost wrote easier to get at). I feel good that it is out be now I need to have it rebuilt. Since it seems OK maybe it will not need a sleave (Adam to get the pics up later).

On the way home I stopped at the Firestone tire store in Twinsburg. They can cut the rear drums for me to trim them up. The owner, a family owned business, said their are usually two drums. I explained I only have enough room to get one off at a time. I told him to take the smallest amount off possible.

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