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Day 18 – Tuesday March 3

Posted in Sonett III by Administrator on the March 5th, 2009

Picked up the rear drum on the way home. Not bad for $10 to cut it but they cut it a little deeper than I wanted.

I looked on-line to find a local bearing inc for bearings and seals. I ended up going to Allied where they had bearings and seals.

I put some links in for you to check the site out:
6304 outer bearing, 52 mm outer, 20 mm shaft, 15 mm width – $14.93
6305 inner bearing, 62 mm outer, 25 mm shaft, 17 mm width – $24.38
seal, 62 mm outer, 40 mm shaft, 10 mm width – $4.84
“6304 Outer”
“6305 Inner”

I will send the master cylinder to Chip Lamb for a rebuild. He was one of the first people I emailed before buying the Sonett so I wanted to support him. He seems to have a great reputation too. The rebuild will be $330 and then I will pick up a fuel pump for $90. I think Skandix has a fuel pump too for $60 if you need one. I guess rebuild kits are not available. It will be nice to have the whole system replaced.
“Chip Lamb”

I will see if I am tempted to replace the front wheel bearings once I get there.

Oh, we did finish the assemplby of the clust master cylinder and slave. These are the original components to the car and we’ll keep the new slave that we bought as a spare. The part exploded view seems to show a small rubber washer that goes over the shaft to the clutch so we put one in as a wiper.

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