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Day 22 – Saturday March 7

Posted in Sonett III by Administrator on the March 8th, 2009

Lots of work today and we didn’t get started until 12:00 (i.e. sleeping beauty must have been up gaming last night). The two of us spent a good 7 hours on the car today.

First, we finished off the left rear drum. First we had to press in the new bearings. Not sure of the correct technique but we press the inner bearing in first follwed by inserting the clip and then seal. The inner sleave and outer bearing were next and were pressed in from the opposite side. we made sure the the inner sleave didn’t bind and was just barely movable. This would allow us to slide the drum on and have everything align. A while back we picked up a 1 inch drive socket set made in China. Cost bout $60 but the sockets come in handy when pressing anything, you select the right sized socket for the job.

This drum went on easy since it was newly cut (not lip or rust to interfere with the shoes). The adjuster was fully in to maintain full clearance. We worked the brake adjuster all the way in until the brakes were tight. Then we backed it off until it turned without any scuffing. Not sure how Saabs work but we need the brakes to “center up” from applying them before we really adjust them. One socket set has some sockets for square nuts (not hex nuts). This square socket matched up nicely with square brake adjuster shaft and allowed us to use a ratchet as we don’t have the stock Saav tool. We might keep this in the Sonett tool kit. This must be for Days 14, 18, and 19 also work with this brake drum.

Next we moved over to the right rear. Adam did most of the work here after seeing how we did the other side. While he was working on the drum I removed the passenger seat belt so that access could be gained to the brake lines. As he completed tear down of the drum I replaced the flexible line.

One item of interest was a gasket between the slave cylinder and the backing plate. We noticed it when removing the cylinder. This slave cylinder also had a copper bleeder valve.

The parts washer helped to clean everything up and we have the brake drum ready to go out and be but. Next on the list was the left front.

With the left front off the ground it was easy to see that the freewheel works. We had the car in gear and could move the selector in and out which showed us that the wheels would move in the freewheel position and stay locked when it was engaged.

Pulling the hub off the front wheel was pretty easy. Getting the castle nut off was hard because with all of the sockets I had a 33 mm did not exist. I’ll have to see if my brother has a socket I can borrow. I did the unthinkable and used a large cresent wrench to free the nut which worked OK. I saw some Saab posting a about using the Saab puller. We had an old standard puller that worked quite well.

After everything was apart, it was off to the parts washer. The caliper seemed in very good conditon withouth any leaks. The piston appeared to be a chromed piston. We forced it out of its 35 year old home with some air. It was easy to see that the rubber ring with the colors on it goes in the inside of the housing. The outside seal is the one that has two wipers on it. We included an exploded view of the old and new parts.

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