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If you have any interest in Judson Superchargers please send me a note!

This page has Judsons for non VW but there is aldo a

Pepco, Roots and Shorrock VW Supercharger at the bottom.

Judson for an Austin Judson Supercharger for a Austin Healey or MG

Note the neat oiler.

Judson for an MG Judson Supercharger for a Austin Healy or MG


Judson for an MG All the parts you would ever need for your MG.
Here is an MG image from ebay where there was the

glass float cover on the side of the carb.

Judson for an MG Installed in an MG A and ready to go.
Judson for a Volvo Judson Supercharger for a Volvo
Judson for a Corvair Judson Supercharger for a Covair
Judson Corvair Layout This is how to instal the Judson in your Corvair. Look how the

oiler is hanging in the top of the picture.

Judson for a V8 Ford??
Ford Judson Picture 2
Ford Judson Picture 3
Ford Judson Picture 4
Ford Judson Picuture 5

This was listed as a "Roots" blower on ebay a

few years ago. What do you think?

VW MAG Supercharger Installation
Close up of the MAG supercharger.
Schmatic of the MAG
How about this wild and complete Pepco

supercharger for a VW with gauge!

Another view of the Pepco VW unit.
Got to have a gauge!
Shorrock Supercharger The Shorrock supercharger was made in England. It was sold

in the EMPI catalogs and was used on 1200, 1300 and 

1500 cc VW engines in the 60s. This picture shows the oil

pickup tube that lubricates the supercharger.

Shorrock Supercharger This kit does not use the stock VW carb but a side draft

stromberg carb.

Shorrock Supercharger One advantage the Shorrock has over the Judson it the pop

off valves at the ends of the intake manifold. Should the 

engine backfire the Judson vanes have to endure the shock

where here, the pop off valves reliev the pressure before

it gets back to the supercharger. I regret selling this kit now

because I would have liked to use it on my 63 Sunrrof