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Here are some pictures of my Kubel replica project. This is a Kooble Kar that I am putting on a standard 64 Beetle chassis. Please do not copy the images but you are welcome to link to my page.

Don't mind the bumpers they were for PA state inspection. I just put some pictures on today 5/20/01 to show what it looks like with the top down and the PA bumpers removed. Also one picture shows the shifter better.

Below I show the Bus tranny I used on the 64 Beetle pan. I also used raised (yes raised) spindels for the front.

Check out the original Kubel horn and 40s speedo. The shovel is too short but still looks great.

The wood slats are from a PA oak tree that we cut down (no black forest wood available).

NOS 3 spoke steering wheel and all original dash components. The Hella rear lights were a good find.

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