56-59 Karmann Ghia Registry Magazine Article Page

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Motor Rundschau

April 1950,    3.6MB

Tempo Matador with 25 HP VW Engine

Sports Car Illustrated

July 1955,     7.1MB

Denzel Article

Road and Track

October 1955,     4.1MB

Mag Super Charger

Popular Mechanics

December 1955,     2.3MB

Intro article on Karmann Ghia

Road and Track

January 1956,     2.7MB

Great Ghia on front Cover

Road and Track

April 1956,    4.2MB

Ghia-Karmann Road Test

Motor Trend

May 1956,     3.6MB

Early Ghia Road Test

Sports Cars Illustrated

July 1956,     7.8MB

Ghia article and performance modifications

Road and Track

April 1957,   3.6MB

Ghia Okrasa performance article

Hot Rod Magazine

April 1957,     6.5MB

Ghia Okrasa performance article

Popular Science

June 1956,    3.0MB

56 Ghia comparison to Saab

Road and Track

September 1957,    5.3MB

Judson Supercharger

Foreign Car Guide

Winter 1957, 2nd Issue

Cover picture with Trout Blue Ghia

Sports Car Club of America

Jan-Feb 1958,    4.1MB

Rally Karmann Ghia 1st Place!!!

Foreign Car Guide

July 1958

Cover with picture of Ghia on cover

Sports Car Club of America

November 1958

Rometsch article

Road and Track

November 1958,    5.1MB

Alken kit car article

Road and Track

May 1959

Ghia Sedan concep article, cool

Road and Track

September 1959,     5.2MB

1959 Ascort TSV on VW chassis

Gute Fahrt

December 1959

Early Ghia Vert on rear cover

Sport Buggies

March 1969,     3.6MB

Judson Supercharger article

Collector Car

June 1984,     8.6MB

58 Ghia Artical and other rare VWs