1914 Model T Touring

This is an all original 1914 T. It has the original engine, orignal brass and all original metal except for the right front fender which is new.

I am the 4th owner of the car. The second owner had it painted and the interior put in it. Paint job is nice but now show quality. It came with and original 1926 title from the seond owner. I still have a color copy of it (the state of PA collected the original). He had it for two years. The body plate is under the front seat and the engine number appears on the 1914 Title. There is new top wood but no covering at this time.

It did not run the best when I bought it. I took the head off and shaved it at the machine shop (just a kiss), ground the valves (55 psi on all cylinders), new brass welch plugs, new belt, new timer, all new gaskets, new hoses, original radiator, accessory water pump, rebuilt NH carb, new exhaust pipe, and new wiring. I had the top off the radiator and had it cleaned out. Ran it in the summer without issue of it getting hot. The T really runs great now with all of this TLC.

I put on 4 new tires with brass stem tubes, flaps, and brass caps. The 4 hub caps are nice reproductions. There are new lined emergency brakes in the back.

The T runs on battery or magneto. The original 14 slant top coil box is still there. I put all new wood in it.

One the running board is a nice brass tool box and luggage rack. Other accessories include the mirros and these really cool coil springs/shocks. They are a flat coil, not like the standard spring found on Hasslers.

All of the lamps work but the brass has some dings and cracks. The front headlamps are complete but the brass front rings are pretty rough. Looks great from a couple feet away. The carbide generator is also the original. I used an acytlene bottle for a gas light tour (the bottle and license plate are not included).

The couple of the pictures at the bottom were just when I got it (the brass was not clean or the tires changed).

Jeff Lipnichan

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