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Day 8 – Saturday Febraury 21

Posted in Sonett III by Blade3562 on the February 21st, 2009

Yet another day with little mercy for the poor Sonett. Today she lost her seats to be cleaned and fully inspected. To our suprise both seats are identical with the adjustment being on the right side. the driver’s seat is numbered 35699 and passenger seat is numbered 35692. The only damage to either seat is the driver’s side from regular wear, other than that no pealing or coming unattached anywhere! The lumbar slider may have not been on the drivers seat but it is tied in a bow around the seat frame.

Day 8 also involved a water pump debate. the original pump had fins that spriraled out, no holesĀ and the edges were machined. the one we purchased looks almost nothing like this. it is non spriraled, non machined and had 3 holes, but there are many on the internet that have every possible combination of the 3 some spiraled not machined on all locations, some spiraled machined but with holes, some spiraled with holes and not machined so on and so forth so no doubt this debate will continue on…

Couldn’t wait for the new plate to come in so I went to the Ohio BMV site and made one.

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