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Day 11 – Tuesday February 24

Posted in Sonett III by Administrator on the February 25th, 2009

Spent some time on the carpets. Being a wool carpet they were a little fuzzy (like a wooly worm). Karen had a great tool to remove fuzz from sweaters. It was battery powered and if you move it slowly over the material and it lightly shaves the fuzzy strings off. Gives is a nice look. The tool does not get in to corners well but over all it was nice finish.

Looks like we will need a few parts:
plastic from around drivers door latch
nice condition front seat since our drivers seat has some wear through the vinyl
top of drivers door, our black panel is warped
is there a tool kit?
the fan switch looks very gray compared to the rest
rear view mirror seem to have wear on the chrome mirror surface
one screw was missing to hold on the front end at the door jamb

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