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Day 12 – Wednesday February 25

Posted in Sonett III by Administrator on the February 26th, 2009

Slow day today. Checked over the brake master cylinder and we thing we will pull it. Even though it seems to work it would be a shame to put everything back on and then have to take it apart in a month. We’ve read that it is a tough job but with the clutch master our of the way, it does not look too bad. We will see.

Got some responses that the Sonett should only have a jack in a bag. Certainly there is a jack in a bag with this car, I’ll have to check it out now in more detail.

Looks like we will buy a Meyle pump that has spirals cast on the impeller. Even though it might not be machined like our original it just seems better. We will keep the other as a spare for road trips, so we don’t get stranded.

Seems like the place that said they had an original V4 manual was wrong, they didn’t have it any more. We are still looking for an original V4 manual. Luckily, the Sonett came with the factory Sonett supliment book.

Thanks Perry. Perry sent us the original title that he had for the Sonett. Aparently he had to file for duplicate at some time and did find the original. I have heard owners of other antique cars filing for duplicates so that their originals don’t have to be turned in. Once I bought a 1914 model T with a 1927 title. It really made me feal bad that it had to be turned in and scrapped!

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