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Day 13 – Thursday February 26

Posted in Sonett III by Administrator on the February 27th, 2009

The carb kit and what I think is the deceleration diaphram (listed as accelerator diaphram) came in at Napa today. I stopped and picked them up on the way home from work, about $40 with shipping.

Took a look at the master cylinder. I was going to rebuild it but it was dry on the inside boot and held pressure so we are going to leave it along. Kind of concerns me that there is a switch to show if the brake pedal over travels. You can see the switch in between the pedals and the tap from the brake arm that would activate it. Maybe this means we will be back in here…….

I also decided to see how easy it was to replace one of the flexible rear brake hoses. One connection was tucked nicely behind the drivers seat. It came apart easily and I fed the new line up from the bottom. I will do the wheel end later.

I got some help from the Saabnet on tools. Our Saab came with:
Tool Bag #890954
Jack #810954 (OPIGO on the side and Saab part number stamped into the jack)
Jack Crank
Lug Wrench
Also, somebody provided the front end alignment blocks

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