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Day 14 – Friday February 27

Posted in Sonett III by Administrator on the February 28th, 2009

Getting cold again. After 50 yesterday it was dropping into the 20s. The garage floor was cold.

We decided to finish the brakes on the back left wheel. What we noticed that overnight the Sonett decided to pee all over the floor. When we left the flexible hose open, it drained all of the fluid from the master cylinder on the floor. Oh well.

We still have not obtained a Sonett manual yet. The guy we bought one from told us last night he didn’t have it. Nice. Now we have to find another.

It took a little time to get the drum off. We did back out the manual adjuster all the way but there was a rust bead around the drum. Once off, we could see that the inner workings still looked pretty nice.

When we went to turn the slave cylinders cups, they were frozen as were the flexible lines. Interesting to see that the rear metal line was painted white. This appears to have been done at the factory. Maybe it was some type of rust prevention. Another odd item was the copper bleeder valve. I can’t say we ever saw a copper one before. The bleeder has to be removed to allow the slave cylinder to come out. Also, we loosened the metal brake line but pulled the slave away from it so that we didn’t have to bend it. Everything came out easy.

We cleaned everything then started assembly. Everything went OK except for the clip on the back of the slave. It was a real pain to get the cuppped clip around the anchor and then seat it. Glad it was all together. The drum will have to be taken out for a kiss cut. Without a manual I couldn’t figure out how to remove the bearings. They are pretty stiff with the old grease.

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  1. on May 2nd, 2017 at 11:01 am

    Bought A Skandix A C Hose Assembly…

    [...] ine they were rusty and most likely needed a fine cut. We will keep them as spar [...]…

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