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Day 24 – Monday March 9

Posted in Sonett III by Administrator on the March 10th, 2009

Picked up the right rear drum today. Another $10. Adam and I put the bearings in and assembled the wheel. I was a little concerned about the bearing play. It must be from the inherent play in the bearings. I would estimate 1/8 inch at the ouside of the tire. We let the car down and checked the other side and found the same. The new SKF bearings must have this amount of play. With typical tapered bearings you have a chance to take out this play.

Next we went returned to the left front. We put the caliper together and attached the hose. I thought it would be a good idea to try and force grease into the bearing with a rubber tip but that didn’t work. We still decided not to pull the front bearings off. We will do this later if we hear some noises, it would be worth doing the cv joints at that time.

We had a little trouble getting the caliper top seal to lock in place. We used a large socket but it didn’t fit tight enough in the press. An aluminum bar was used to tap it down the rest of the way.

Next we went to the right front and pulled everything apart. It looked in some cases better than the left but we noticed the top seal of the piston was pushed out. This lead to some extra cleaning. Some fine sand paper was used just where the seal seats. A dremel tool was used to pollish the inside of the caliper. Everything fit together nice and snug.

The new rotor sure looked nice. There was a note stamped in the perimeter to not cut them below 8 mm. The old rotors looked new other than the rust. There just wasn’t any wear on them. The pads however, were worn way down. Adam made the observation that there is a right and left set of front pads based upon the angles ground into them.

Finally, we felt good about all of the work and will asseble once we get new seals. They were pulled to try and get more grease behind them.

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