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Day 28 – Friday March 13

Posted in Sonett III by Administrator on the March 17th, 2009

Friday the 13th

Decided to rebuild the carb finally. Pulled it off the engine along with the decel valve. I picked up rebuild kits from NAPA. As I found out though, there was not a decel kit, I just bought us an extra accelerator pump.

Rebuild went well. I decided not to put it in chem dip and just use carb cleaner. Everything seemed to be clean but the choke plate was very stiff and would not close. We finally had to take it out and polish the shaft, straighten it, and then polish the bore. That did the trick. The carb kit had instructions to set the float and linkage so we set everything.

The distributor, PCV and decel valve all connect to the plate below the carb. The PCV rattled and seems to have a check valve to prevent backfires from going into the valve cover. From the drawings it looks like they moved the PCV intake from the air cleaner houseing to this plate. Seems like it would create a vacuum leak but we’ll see. The decel valve will have to be plugged since there is no rebuild kit for it. Not sure how we will do this yet. I included the part number for the decel valve in case we need it, I think the Pintos use these.

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