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Day 29 – Saturday March 14

Posted in Sonett III by Administrator on the March 17th, 2009

Looked over what type of tires to buy. We settled on Continental 173/65R15. These are about 24 inches in diameter where the stock tires might be 25.4. The tires we settled on were from tire rack. These were $81 each and there was a $75 off coupon for a set of 4.

Continental Tire on Tire Rack

Size: 175/65R15
Serv. Desc: 84H
UTQG: Treadwear: 280
Traction: AA
Temperature: A280 AA A

They recommended 42 PSI in the tires to carry the original load rating.

Conti Veiw
Conti View
Conti View

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