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Day 30 – Sunday the 15th

Posted in Sonett III by Administrator on the March 17th, 2009

On to cleaning up the rims. The 4 on the car were nice but the spare was not as nice. We pulled out the SAAB caps. Two were nice but 3 were cracked. We ordered a set for $100 from Don Levesque who we found on the SaabNet.

The rims did not seemed damaged or bent. We used some parts washing solvent to clean the rims, it was like using kerosene. They were tough to clean. Once clean we tried to wax that had a little cleaner in it. Overall they came out nice for original finish.

The back wheels were 165 Michelins while the fronts were 155. There was a lone Pirelli on the spare. We will order 5 tires and have a well rounded set.

An interesting item was the serial numbers on the wheels. Two were 18, 17, 19 20.

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