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Day 35 – Friday March 20

Posted in Sonett III by Administrator on the March 21st, 2009

Parts arrived today. Looks like Chip did a nice job on the master cylinder. Really looked nice. We also purchased a water pump from Chip since he indicated the diaphrams for old ones are not available.

We also got the Saab reproduction logo caps for the rims. They look to be resin cast, painted silver and then a decal applied. Nice job but if you are looking for something with a clear plastic, reverse painted then these come up short but nice just the same.

After dinner we decide to go for installing the master cylinder. It didn’t look wet so I’m not sure if Chip tested it. Since we saved a photo of how the brass fittings were on we were able to pre-position them. Our goal was to put the master in, plumb everything up, fill it up, and then test for leaks.

Everything went as planned. There was some clicking going on when depressing the master before filling it. Maybe this was just the spring behind the boot. With the clutch master out, this job wasn’t too bad. With one person on each side of the firewall it went OK (easy does not appear in this article).
My brother dropped off his power bleeder so we pulled the fluid through the system after all plumbing was connected. I don’t like these systems much because use can only just crack the bleeder or air comes in around the thread an not from the system. After about 15 minutes all brakes were bled. We then adjusted the rears out a little manually. Nothing beats power bleading once the major air is out of the system so Adam and I pumped and drained the remaining air. Communication got better as Adam go the process down (pump it, holding, at the floor, OK do it again…..). I did make one error and overfilled the bottle, we had a little down time to clean things up.

We then spent some time cleaning all the tools (brake fluid gets on everything). Next up, the clutch system. We’ll waiting to put the clutch master in after the brake master was tough. We had to remove the outgoing line and incoming hose. The unit was snaked in over the master but it kept hitting the brake switch. We were determined not to take any of the brake system apart. The metal line to the right front caliper was taking off before the clutch cylinder was removed. Hind site would say we should have spotted the clutch slave in first. After each of us took a turn at it, it finally went into position.

We debated on how the hoses ran from the reservoir. In the end, we put the clutch hose behind the brake hose. This seemed to have the most clearance to the rack and pinion.

The line from the clutch master was tricky to get back in. We had to turn the steering wheel to the left lock and this gave Adam the chance to reach in and start the process, but Dad had to finish it. Installing the slave went easy as did the bleeding process. All hydraulic systems were repaired.

(its not the waterpump, we were just talking about it andi named the photo that, whoops)

(its not the waterpump, we were just talking about it andi named the photo that, whoops)

Adam was just itching to get the new tires on. In a couple of minutes we put in the original logo caps and installed the rims. We stepped back and took a good long look. It took a while to get to where we were actuall putting things back on the car.

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