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Day 36 – Saturday March 21

Posted in Sonett III by Administrator on the March 21st, 2009

Had to catch up some blogging this moring. With travel and such it takes some time. Adam has to upload and attach some photos. We might move on to installing the water pump, thermostat and carb today.

I checked out Paul’s Sonett project. Very nice project with lots of details.
Paul Z’s 71 Sonett

What’s down the tube? Here is a picture of the new thermostat ready and armed to open a 180 degrees.

What do we have here. We were doing a experiment on the old and new thermostats. In the kitchen, mom was in the other room, we boiled some water and dropped in both thermostats. The old Motorcraft one opened slowly and not are far. The new Stant was of a different design. It looked to be more of a “full flow” design and opened quicker. I might have opened quicker due to the lower opening temp too. We will keep the old one as a spare since it did move.

Here are some of the new and old parts. Since we bought a complete engine rebuild kit we have been using seals along the way. Here we needed the water pump housing gasket and thermostat o-ring. We lightly filed the housing to help seat the gasket as the ears where the bolts go through are always a little pulled down.

Good, the water pump is in place. If you look further back we were debating about the impeller design. This Meyle pump had the curved vanes but it was not machined on the end. We had a little scuffing when putting the pump in and spinning it. We were putting some latteral pressure on the shaft and the light scuffing mostly went away. Didn’t pull the pump, we’ll see how it does with the engine running. It is unlikely that the belt will pull it that hard towards the housing. It seems that this pump should develop better flow than the first pump we bought that didn’t have the curved vanes.

It was time to check out the shifter. It was very stiff. After removing all the interior panels I use some penetrating oil to all of the shafts. It really started to work easy. The shifter appears to had them reverse light switch and neutral switch.
shifter and switches
Interior out front
Interior In
Interior In

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