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Day 37 – Sunday March 22

Posted in Sonett III by Administrator on the March 23rd, 2009

Well, I was going to spray some weeds but decided to stop by the Saab. I thought I’d put some gas in the tank and rinse it out so I took of the line to the fuel pump. I only put a gallon in the tank and had milk jug over the end……….nothing, rats.

I took up the back panel to see the tank and then realized that the outlet was obtained by going through the cabin. I found the nut and loosened it ever so slightly…..nothing. Well, since I had the brake power bleeder I thougt I suck the line out. It had forced one of the small rubber tips in the hose from the fuel pump…….. nothing.

I took car and brought the rear line out through the hole behind the back seat. It was plugged, how bad could it be. I used the tube from the carb cleaner and slowly forced it down in the line. When I push the button all the carb cleaner came back to me. Well, lets try the front. Karen had some small craft wire that I twisted to two strands with the drill. I got it the whole way back to the firewall. I wouldn’t make the jump from the one small rubber hose. So I thought I would use the drill like a roto rooter. That worked great, it got the cable stuck and I couldn’t pull it out.

For the next hourk plus I tooke the line apart at the firewall. There was the not in the wire. I cut it off and pulled it out. The good news was that it was clean. I had a thin aluminum wire that I started to force from the rear of the line. It took a while but I finally got it clean. Next, I spent 1/2 hour hooking the front line back up. With the power bleeder hooked up I pulled some carb cleaner the whole way through.

You are wondering why no gas is coming from the tank? Well it was plugged. I packed the area with rags below the outlet and stuck a wood dowel up the hole. I got about 10 year old gas flowing a little so I hooked up the line. I filled 2 milk jugs with new/old fuel. Check the picture later.

After cycling another gallon of fuel through I opened the line again at the bottom of the tank. I jused a small drill bit to open the bottom of the tank the rest of the way. 2 more gallons of clean fuel then I was done. What was a harmless walk by the Saab ended up being a 4 hour adventure.

Adam put the interior back together, oh, I had to take out everything I put in last night.

I worked on the clutch again. We were getting full travel but it looked like the clutch was stuck to the flywheel. Adam pressed in the clutch, the forks moved, but the engine still turned. As one point we caugth the lever and bent it up a little. I forced it back down and it seemed OK. Not sure how to get the clutch to break free. Maybe there is a trick so I posted a note on the Saab Net.

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