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Day 43 – Saturday March 28

Posted in Sonett III by Administrator on the March 29th, 2009

Worked on cleaning the trunk of the car and then moved on to installing the right rear tail light.

Adam decided it was better to get inside the rear to do the cleaning. If we left out the spare maybe a third person or the dog could be anchored in there.

Apparently when Perry owned the car there was a run away picnic table that took out the right rear tail light. He picked up another and we went to install it today. The fiberglass was torn in the corners by the license light, we used a larger washer on the back side to secure it. This picture shows the light as it was hanging out.

I guess the mice thought this was an easy way into the car instead of opening the door. The went in through the light and build a nice nest in the fiber glass. Looks like we will put in new panels before closing things up.

We had to so some serious cleaning on the replacement housing before installing.

Once installed we took a couple of rear pictures. First though we decided to polish up the black panel. Came out pretty good.

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