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Day 4 – Tuesday February 17, Amanda’s Birthday

Posted in Sonett III by Administrator on the February 20th, 2009

Looked online for more parts. There seem to be two good experts Jack Ashcraft and Chip Lamb (I’m sure there are others). When we get in trouble (over our heads) I’m sure will have to tap into their advice. For right now we are trying to buy as many clutch and brake components as available.
Fantastic link to an on-line exploded parts view of the car
Bought most of the standard brake components from here. Got the part the next day!
This group has some higher level parts. I really wanted a new clutch slave cylinder. They helped with this, rear brake flexible hoses, water pump, and front caliper kit with pistons.
There was one site that had some part but I didn’t end up using them because their shipping was high, items came from different sources.
Napa has some parts too.
I ordered the FOMOCO carb kit from them for $22.95 part “NAPA 25520″.
Also it think I ordered the diaphram for the “Deceleration Valve NAPA 24257 $8.99″.
I am going to try and source some of the hoses and filters from NAPA.

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