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Day 56 – Friday April 10

Posted in Sonett III by Administrator on the April 10th, 2009

Spent some time with Chris this morning. I asked him a question about my clutch and he was prompt to give me a call to help me think of some safe ways to free it up. Really nice person, we must have spent over 1/2 hour on the phone talking about Sonetts.

Our approach now will be to take the wheels off the car, lower it on to blocks under the front jack points, start the car (hubs will be rotating), to push in on the clutch and then hit the brakes to see if we can free the clutch from the flywheel. This would seem pretty save as a first approach.

If you have not visited his site you will enjoy his Sonett collection tucked away in the remote corner of the USA known as Maine.

Chris’s Sonett Site

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