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Day 58 – Sunday April 12 – Easter

Posted in Sonett III by Administrator on the April 18th, 2009

Good day to relax and enjoy Easter. Adam and I had a lot of fun yesterday with the Sonett. It fired up on the first try and kept running on the second.

Getting the clutch to break free was hard. We put the car on blocks under the bottom A arm to keep the car a close to the ground as possible. After about 25 tries with the car in second gear and the wheels spinning it fianlly broke free. The problem with the pressure plate was still there, it didn’t return out the whole was to meet the throw out bearing so something must be bent, but it shifts.

We taped the little one gallon gas can on the front bumper strut. Our main tank is still out waiting for the sending unit. With about a quart of gas in the can we went for a drive. Since the front cover was not on we didn’t go real fast but we needed to check everything else out. It ran good.

Brakes still don’t seem fantasic but the work. A noise comes from the right front when braking hard. Maybe it is something in the caliper of a bad bearing. More investigation is needed.

When double pumping the clutch the fork wants to hit the pressure plate, don’t know why yet.

The top of the carb leaks a little. This is the original FOMOCO carb and it performs great. We blocked off the decel valve. We took the top of the carb off, cleaned it more and put a little sealant on the back edge (there is no screw there). This along with dropping the float a little improved the leaking greatly but we can still see the gasket get wet.

It looks like the original radiator cab needs to be replaced. The plug wires from NAPA did fit, coil wire was too short. So when we take it back we will look for a radiator cap.

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