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Day 79 – Saturday May 2

Posted in Sonett III by Blade3562 on the May 3rd, 2009

The end to our refurbishing story sadly ends here, but our fun with the car begins here too! The front end was placed back on the car and off we went. We drove down to the minit mart, got gas, a Diet Pepsi(Jeff) and a Pepsi Throwback(Adam/me). We then took a joyride and then out of nowhere i got to drive! I almost fried the transmission by pushing to far left and into reverse but Dad caught it quick enough(well i noticed the grinding noise first but he desevres som credit lol). Well heres our first pics of the full car, plenty more will come along with our ventures into the world of Sonetts. Which will hopefully include a second car by the end of this year. *hint* *hint*

if you want high def pics post a comment and ill shoot u an email with the ones you want

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