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March 56 Ghia. This is what started it all. It was originally Trout Blue and I got it from the original owner with only 65,000 miles on the speedometer.   March 56 Ghia on rotisserie. Best way to attack rust, clean off undercoating and spray those hard to get areas.  Here are several shots while removing fenders, adding fenders, and doing some priming. 

Below are some photos of a Judson Supercharger installation.  The deck lid is actually a second 56/57 Trout Blue deck lid I picked up. I'll still have my old one in case it ever needs to be converted back.

The first picture shows the box the scoop came in. I have the original blue line drawing of the template. I just made a copy to work with. The drawing is dated 1962 so it might have been for a 40 hp kit (maybe the drawing was the same I don't know).

I didn't cut out two of the right louvers, it cleared without removing them. I didn't cut out the drain pan for the full opening but had to relieve it 1/2 inch more to clear the choke mechanism. I'm pretty happy with the result. It took about 7 hours after I spend 2 hours getting stuff together and the engine back in.

I also found a Webasto Sunroof to install.  Here is a picture or check the following link http://karmannghias.org/Webasto.htm