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Here are some pictures of my Kubel replica project. This is a Kooble Kar that I am putting on a standard 64 Beetle chassis. Please do not copy the images but you are welcome to link to my page.

Here is the body as we picked it up. We towed it home with our 2000 Eurovan. Below is a picture of the 64 Beetle Chassis as we got it. Drove it around the back yard. The pan was stripped and everthing new installed. The chassis even came with the original 1200 cc engine (correct number).

These pictures show the standard Beetle transmission. After I figured out that the tires would not clear I later installed a 65 Bus tranny. These trannys have a gear reduction box at the ends which when mounted in the Beetle (tought task) gives you 3 inches of track and 3 inches of height.

We took runners/adjusters off some old Beetle seats and welded them to the bottom of the Kooble Kar seats. This allows you to slide the seat back and forth where the kit would have you drill holes through the pan. We even fixed up a roller pedal in place of the old gas pedal.

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