Okrasa Engines in Ghias

56-59 Karmann Ghia Registry

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Here are some pictures of early Karamnn Ghias with Okrasa Engines.  Most Okrasa engines are identified by their dual carbs on a 36 hp engine case.  The dual carbs are connected by special manifolds that Y out into twin intake ports (one for each cylinder).  When you pop off the valve pan cover you can seed the words Okrasa cast into their special heads.  Okrasa did make larger cranks for the the 36 hp engine.  This is harder to discern from an assembled engine.  Other accessories include tach drives, oil filers, distributors, and oil coolers.

First is 58 Ghia that had an Okrasa installed early in life.  There is a photo of all the literature that came with the car too.  It is my understanding that this car was sold and is heading for Japan.  Click on the picture to see a little larger view.

Here is another Okrasa engine in a 56 Ghia once owned by Dr. Robison